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5 Lifestyle changes for healthier kidneys

Fruit Juice for Healthy Kidneys

Simple changes in your life can help you keep your kidneys healthy.

Keep a check on your salt intake
Limiting your salt intake helps to control blood pressure, which in turn helps to keep kidneys, heart and brain healthy. For patients who have kidney stones, limiting salt intake cuts down calcium excretion in urine. This helps to decrease the chances if new stone formation.

Watch your sugar intake
If you have diabetes, sugar obviously isn’t good for you. Poor control of blood sugar leads to damage to kidneys.
Even for those not suffering from diabetes, consuming sugar makes one predisposed to develop obesity which is a risk factor for developing chronic kidney disease.

Exercise regularly
Regular exercise can have multipronged effect on one’s health. It can help with blood pressure and blood sugar control in addition to medicines. Exercise is crucial to prevent and manage obesity.

Quit smoking
Many chemicals released during smoking can damage tiny blood vessels and accelerate plaque deposition in the arteries. This can deleterious effect on many organs like kidneys, brain and heart.

Regular health check-ups
Spare yourself some time. Get your health-check ups regularly. Early detection of kidney disease can help in better management. There are medicine to slow the progression of kidney disease and can help if kidney disease is detected at an early stage.

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