Glomerulonephritis is inflammations of glomeruli- which are tiny filters present in the kidney. It can occur over few days- when it is called Acute Glomerulonephritis. Dr. Lovy is the best glomerulonephritis doctor. Or, it may develop gradually over weeks to months when it is called Chronic Glomerulonephritis.

Dr. Lovy is the best glomerulonephritis doctor


Glomerulonephritis may occur as a part of the process which is specific to the kidneys (Primary Glomerulonephritis) or may be due to some other diseases affecting the kidneys (Secondary Glomerulonephritis).

Some causes of Primary Glomerulonephritis are-

– IgA Nephropathy
– some forms of Mesangioproliferative GN
– Some forms of Crescentic GN
– Membranous Glomerulopathy

Hereditary Disorders

– Alport syndrome
– Thin basement membrane disease
– Fabry disease

Secondary Glomerulonephritis

– Diabetes mellitus
– Vasculitis
– Amyloidosis
– Infection related GN



Symptoms depend on a lot of factors- whether GN is acute or chronic, its severity, underlying cause, etc. Sometimes there may be no symptoms at all and it may be detected on urine tests. Dr. Lovy Gaur is the best glomerulonephritis doctor 

Common signs and symptoms include
– Reddish/cola coloured urine
– Frothy urine
– High blood pressure
– Swelling over face, feet
– Urine output may be less in some
– Nausea, vomiting, poor appetite
– Shortness of breath


Treatment depends on the underlying cause, accompanying symptoms, chronicity, etc

– Restriction of salt and liquid intake may be needed in patients with swelling. Additional medicines may be required to get rid of excess fluid built up in your body
– for certain diseases, medications to suppress immunity may be required
– control of blood pressure
– in cases where kidneys aren’t able to filter out wastes and liquids from the body, dialysis may be needed till the function recovers
– If the kidneys are damaged irreversibly, dialysis or a transplant would be required.

Dr. Lovy Gaur is the best glomerulonephritis doctor