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Pregnancy and Kidney Disease

Pregnancy is a joyous but even so a vulnerable time for the lady and her family.
We commonly come across two kinds of situations wherein, pregnancy and kidney disease confront each other at crossroads.

  • Decreased amount of urine in the advanced stages
  • Puffiness around eyes- this may be more pronounced in the mornings
  • Swelling over feet, which may even pit on applying pressure
  • Frothy urine due to leakage of proteins in urine
  • Blood in urine
  • Development of blood pressure or poor control with ongoing medications
  • More frequent urination, particularly at night
  • Feeling of tiredness
  • Decreased appetite, nausea or vomiting
  • Itchy skin

    If you have any of the symptoms, you can discuss with your doctor or us. Timely detection of kidney dysfunction is vital to reverse or delay the progression of kidney disease.

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